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Sammy Midler

Sammy Midler


Get to Know Me

Searching for Home


I wasn’t always the grounded, abundant real estate professional I am today.  I learned the meaning of “home” the hard way.


Before getting into real estate I pursued the arts, traveled the world, learned other languages, and got my BA in Global Studies and Italian Studies, as well as an MFA equivalent degree in Acting. I nailed my 20s. I explored and learned so much. I was a sponge, soaking up each experience, and I was also a blank canvas that threw myself at the world, asking for some color to be splashed on me.


I spent the majority of that time in New York where I lived for six years, and while it was an exciting time and I loved the city, I also lacked a sense of roots. As time passed, I eventually realized that NYC couldn't be my home. Although I had a community, a transient one but a community nonetheless, I didn't have what I needed most: a sense of ownership. 


I wanted to own my home. I knew that would be very difficult in NYC because even if I was able to find something I could afford, I wouldn’t have the quality of life I wanted for myself. Through years of slowly uncovering what it is that made me feel untethered, I found my way back to myself by visualizing the elements that defined that quality of life, that sense of ownership, and that feeling of being rooted I so desperately craved.


Here’s what I discovered about myself in the process:

I need to be near nature. I need to be near water and quiet. I also love fresh air and being able to be barefoot when I leave my front door. My Midwest roots were bucking up against the big city life. I was being called to reroot somewhere where I could root down for good.

Once I entered my late 20s, I definitely felt a call to settle down, build stability, and nurture myself. This led me to relocate to a city where I could nurture myself better.

And that’s what brought me to Austin, a search for the feeling of home I deeply desire. Home stems from community. Home is people. It’s your neighborhood, your favorite grocery store and coffee shop, and that massive old oak tree you see every day on your commute.


Blending the spiritual with the practical

After starting my real estate career in New York City, I began my relocation search to find a city that felt like home, where I could grow the deep roots I so craved, and that would honor the way of doing real estate that was starting to percolate under the surface. My search led me here—to Austin— where I could be near nature, find stability, and be part of a kind, big-hearted, and creative community. Once settled in Austin, I decided that I wanted to be of service to anyone else wishing to find that sense of home, belonging, and roots that I’d sought for so long by bringing that nurturing, creative energy into a typically dry, competitive, and stressful industry: real estate. 

A hallway featuring light walls, dark wood floors, a white bench, wooden stairs, and a lamp with a white shade on the left.

Unsurprisingly, I found that many of the tools and resources I had been given didn’t quite work for me. Yes, real estate is an industry that revolves around (for most people) what feels like a really big transaction, but my intention was to do my part to make it feel less transactional and more relational. Regardless if this is your first time buying/selling or if you're a real estate pro, there are so many variables to keep straight, and it’s undeniably a stress-inducing time for many. Seeing firsthand the emotional toll it took on my clients, I decided to do my part to create a more holistic process for my clients. One that combined the necessary details and numbers and fact-checking with the understated, and yet massively important, role of caretaking my clients’ emotional wellbeing. 


From that point on, I made ample time to actively listen to my clients’ needs, really hear them, see them, and do everything in my power to match them with their perfect homes where they can grow and thrive. Once I threw out the rule book for how I thought it was supposed to be done, I started practicing real estate MY way: through nurturing real estate where I focus on collaborating with clients in creating their dream life, starting with their dream home. Since that pivotal moment, real estate has been fulfilling in the way I knew it always could be! And not to mention, the outcome couldn’t have been better for my clients.


Defying the status quo

I set out as an independent REALTOR so I could decide how I would run my business. I am happier with my life because I feel much more aligned and authentic. I’m a better REALTOR too! I strive to bring art and connection to every interaction with my clients. I want to empower my clients to make the best decision for them, even if it doesn’t mean the best numbers for me. I’ve even helped clients find amazing rentals that meet their needs after determining that they aren’t actually ready to buy a home yet. 

A large brick house with a gray roof and a two-car garage.

I also understand that changing homes, especially transferring from another city, is an uprooting process. I strive to help clients settle into their new homes and neighborhoods to make the process as smooth and enriching as possible. In fact, about 50% of my clients are transplants from other cities. Matching creative beings with their ideal homes is an art. It’s nurturing and practically a spiritual practice. True story: I’d much rather go see houses with clients than hit up Happy Hour! But I won’t say no to that celebratory drink either. ;) 

Work With Sammy

Finding a place to take root can be complicated, and the home buying and selling process doesn’t always feel enriching or supportive. I can support you in navigating the Austin real estate market to find the perfect home where you can flourish! What do you say? Ready to take that next step?

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