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Supporting my favorite organizations in the Austin area.

These two organizations are so dear to my heart and influence so much of what I do. I would love for you to check them out!

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Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Plants add so much to our lives and are vital to sustaining a healthy ecosystem.

To me, the Wildflower Center is one of Austin’s greatest treasures and a place of research, conservation, education and serenity.

I’ve introduced it to friends and family. Everyone walks away from it with their own personal story of enchantment, whether it’s meeting Athena, the perennial owl, or loving the view from the tower, or feeling the excitement of observing and experiencing so many diverse native plants.

I'm currently a 'sustainer' member. But I used to volunteer here as a gardener. Every Friday morning, I met with my group of fellow gardeners to weed, prune, and plant. I’ve planted spiderworts, dug up mules, and pulled down vines to make room for the new ones to grow. I’ve microweeded and nibbled on the little weeds that taste like cucumbers.

It’s such a lovely community of volunteers and gardners. We love to show off the deep roots we pull up and chat about our own gardens at home. We work away at the earth, chat about plants, and have a wonderful time together!

If you’re ever interested in volunteering, they would love to have you!


The Wild Woman Project

The Wild Woman Project is a global network of women who gather around the new moon to go inward, reflect, set intentions, and create a supportive web of community. 

This project was birthed in New York City by Chris Maddox in 2013. She started by hosting women circles but then cultivated a greater community. Her mission is to awaken women to their most authentic, undomesticated nature, so they may feel like themselves, all the time, with no apologies.

And awaken women she has. I wouldn't be the woman I am today if it wasn't for the community I found among these brave, strong, artistic, poetic, diverse, and magical women. Healing my own past traumas through this community liberated and empowered me to love myself and be unapologetically myself (still a work in progress).

To pay it forward, I host women’s circles in Austin where women gather to receive female support, learn self care techniques, and discover a little bit more about themselves. I often host these circles at my house but have also hosted a few online circles. To join the Austin circle, email [email protected] and I’ll add you to the email list!

Check out their website and sign up for their weekly-ish newsletters.

Work With Sammy

Finding a place to take root can be complicated, and the home buying and selling process doesn’t always feel enriching or supportive. I can support you in navigating the Austin real estate market to find the perfect home where you can flourish! What do you say? Ready to take that next step?

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