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My answers to the real estate questions you’re afraid to ask.

Great question!  The Home buying process can be summarized in 7 steps.  However, since you are special and unique; you have your own vision of what home looks like for you, and the steps to buying a home will inevitably be unique to you.  Hence why, the very first step is meeting with me for a "Home Buying Consultation" to go into depth about your vision, your needs and simultaneously discuss the process and what you need to know when purchasing your home.  This usually takes about 30-60 minutes or more and it's very helpful because it gives me the opportunity to learn more about you and make sure we are in alignment right from the start so I can best help you succeed in your goals!

First step is to Meet with me!

2) Get preapproved by a Lender

3) Search for homes with me- yay!

4) Make an Offer

5) Inspect the home

6) Weeks to closing - Appraisal, Loan approval, Set up Insurance & utilities

7) Final walkthrough and Closing Day! (you get the keys)

Great question!  I work where your home exists, you tell me what you are looking for and I will find it!  Austin TX is a small pond compared to New York City, where I started my real estate career in 2015.  That being said, for the most part my clients tend to need homes in Central Austin but I go as far as Lago Vista, Leander, Georgetown, Elgin, Lakeway, Dripping Springs, and San Marcos.  Sometimes it's a drive but worth it when my clients are so amazing and they are so worth it!  My favorite neighborhoods can't be named, it's like picking a favorite child, can it be done?  Every part of Austin is unique and constantly changing which keeps it exciting.  

I like to keep things positive and focus on your needs. I spend most of my time and energy listening to get to know you and your vision for your life and home. That way, I can be a true partner and collaborator in this process and meet your needs and find your perfect home.


Overall, I’m light hearted, funny, and full of energy.  I do get distracted by adorable children and pets (I am human, after all!).


I work hard to keep up with the current trends and understand a lot of you are wanting ‘virtual tours’ so you can view a home remotely. I got you with that too!

Great question!  
The seller and the builder pay broker fees.  This is written into the listing agreement between the seller and their agent.  For buyer agents, their fee is listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) so there are no surprises; it's always disclosed what the seller is offering.  Realtors are paid at closing when the home funds, their fee is taken out of the purchase of the home.  If I don't find you a home or you decide not to buy a home, there is no fee to be paid.

This means you are encouraged to have representation when you’re buying a home! It’s a no brainer not to have a buyer agent by your side because my interests are in getting YOU the best deal, not in selling a house for someone else.


Nerdy real estate fact: In other parts of the world they do not have buyer agency, and it’s known as Caveat Emptor, which is Latin for “buyer beware.” Can you imagine asking the salesperson for advice? How can you know if they are giving you the information you need? Their interest lies with the seller, not with you! We are lucky to have buyer agents as well as seller agents.

No one has ever asked me this, but I’d like to address it because I feel it may be an underlying concern that is hard to express.


Yes, I do work based on commission. No, I will not pressure you to buy or sell.


I pride myself on putting my clients’ interests first and making them feel safe and comfortable. I understand that buying a home is a special and overwhelming process, and it comes with a lot of questions and unknowns.  The last thing you need is pressure! My goal is to make your experience as smooth and supportive as possible so you can make the right decision for you (even if that decision is to wait on purchasing.).

This is something we can discuss together. In Austin, the standard fee is 6%, with 3% going to each agent. The buyer agent always gets 3%, and if you decrease this, they will be less inclined to sell your house to their clients and that is definitely not what you want. It's always best to keep the commission at the regular rate so that you know both agents are working their hardest to earn that rate. If your boss paid you less would you work as hard?


Sometimes that's the thinking behind it, but it depends, every transaction is different. I'm definitely open to talking about it.

Absolutely!! New builds are a fun process. I love finding my clients a brand new, shiny home.


Here’s how this process works: We’ll meet to go over your criteria for your new home. Then I pull up a list of all active communities that are being built that fit your criteria. That way, I can share with you my knowledge of these communities and builders, explain in depth the differences and nuances.


Then we get to go see homes! (This is the fun part!) Finally, we’ll discuss which homes suit you best and make an offer to the builder.

I can help!


This is definitely a unique process because there are multiple factors to consider. First, we’ll define your goals and what you want from the land. Second, we’ll work out zoning needs, where you can buy for your purposes, and any restrictions you may need to consider. Then, we’ll determine what utilities you’ll need and how to get them. Finally, we’ll determine the value of the land compared to what the seller is asking for it. In the end, we’ll find the best piece of land for you at the best price possible.

Absolutely not. I help everyone, no matter what your budget is. Please don’t let a seemingly small budget discourage you from reaching out! 

I will share my secret with you; I am a firm believer that every home has to have a "wow" factor. Having helped so many buyers look at homes, I know which ones sell and why. I know all the ways to make your house memorable and highlight it's selling points. We can bring charm, thoughtfulness, art and professionalism to the transaction that will attract buyers and buyer agents alike to want to work with us. I also know the contracts like the back of my hand and will guide you towards always taking the safest route so that buyers don't back out on you. :) You'll be in good hands with me, I promise.

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Finding a place to take root can be complicated, and the home buying and selling process doesn’t always feel enriching or supportive. I can support you in navigating the Austin real estate market to find the perfect home where you can flourish! What do you say? Ready to take that next step?

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